Thursday, March 24, 2011

Move your Jobs to Facebook

Imagine, candidates and employees advertising your jobs to their friends and network at one click. With Facebook, the word of mouth just got stronger.

Many companies have now started using Facebook as a medium for attracting candidates. Following are a few methods of putting your jobs on Facebook.

1)      Like button plugin on your career site:
The Like button lets a candidate or employee share your job with friends on Facebook. When the candidate clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user's friends' News Feed with a link back to your career site.
This will not only make your job more visible to the relevant group of candidates, but also increase the volume on your career site

2)      Facebook Page:
This will allow you to mirror your career site jobs on Facebook and provide the candidates with a single page for open jobs.

3)      Like box plugin on your career site:
The Like Box is a social plugin that enables your candidates / visitors to your website, to like your Facebook Company Page directly from your website.
You will also be able to check the candidates, who visited your page and display recent posts from your page.

4)      Registration plugin:
If you have a career site, and want users to create a new account with ease, the Registration plugin could be of tremendous help. When logged into Facebook, users see a form that is pre-filled with their Facebook information where appropriate
This allows the candidates to easily sign up for your career site with their Facebook account.  Also, Liking and Sharing jobs using the Like button / box from your website will need a facebook login. Ease of sharing should translate to more jobs being broadcasted.

5)      Referral applications:
There are a lot of referral applications like hireplug, jobtonic etc which will provide a platform for posting and viewing jobs and make referrals with the chance of being rewarded
With a concentrated pool of candidates interested in referring, it is an ideal method, if you are willing to pay.

6)      Facebook Advertisements:
Facebook Ads allow you to easily advertise a destination on Facebook such as a Page, Event, Application or Group, or your own website
You can use it to advertise walkins, careersite, an online event, specific jobs, or your facebook page. They will attract people, which your network may not be able to reach.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Google Images - HERE's SOME FUN MAGIC FOR YOU...!

Came from a friend (Aswathy Pillai) Via email

1. Go to Google

2. Click images

3. Type "flowers" or any other word.

4. You will get a page which is having full of images

5. Then delete the URL from the address bar and paste the below script (Check Comments)

6. See the magic.

Play around with the x and y values and iterations in the script..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lifecycle of a candidate record in a database

If you don’t have a candidate database, you should have one quickly. If you have a database, you need to make the most of it. With the speed with which it can become decadent, you need to keep an eye on it all the time.

Candidates entering the system have got two status
• Application status
• Database Status

Application status: Refers to the status of the candidate against a particular job. Eg : Screening, LI, L2, Candidate Reject, Offer etc. Most of the times, this status will be updated and majority of candidate activity will be updated.
Database status: Refers to the status of the candidate within the overall database. It is the stage in the lifecycle of a candidate. Taken as a whole this essentially reflects the usefulness of the database and the responsiveness of the candidates

The Candidate Lifecycle

The Candidate Lifecycle stages
Cold stage: In this stage the candidate has either not been engaged or has become unresponsive for period of more than a year’s time. Most of the candidate records sourced by sourcers/recruiters would ideally enter the system in this stage. The dead log or unproductive candidate records should be weeded out from this stage as part of periodic cleansing

Warm stage: Advert responses coming directly into the system, candidates through career portals, referrals and vendor profiles would enter the system at this stage. These are interested candidates. They will remain in this stage till they become irresponsive, are not relevant to any current or near future requirement, irrespective of they being selected to move ahead for the requirement, they have been sourced for.

Hot stage: This stage candidates have been spoken to, are keen to be assessed for a specific requirement which currently exists within the system

Hold stage: In this stage the candidate is not to be contacted by the Sourcer/Recruiter. It could be due to certain escalations in terms of validity of record (time, manual flag), candidate debarred, no poach agreement…

The candidate record will fluctuate through these lfecycle stages. It is equally important to remove candidates, as it is to keep them updated.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Indian Recruiters Day - 9 march

Yesterday was Womans day...
                       Today is Indian Reruiters Day!!!

 Thanks to ERA (Executive Recruiters Association), March 9 has been designated as special for recruiters. A day when you can reflect, the service or otherwise:) done by the recruitment community as a whole.

You can call it mutual admiration, but felt good:)

Small excerpt from Manya Advani's Facebook page..

Stay away from these horror movies

Tadapta Client * Recruiter ki Maut * Katil Manager * Shaitani Recruitement * Backout ka khauf * Sadma Target ka * Pyasa Employer*Chudel ka interview"*Daravni Drives"* "wicked weekends*

Feel good... and have a Happy Recruiters Day.!!!!

Manya Advani 
Happy Womans Day

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Job Aggregators- the new job boards??

Indeed has launched its "Indeed Resume" service, which allows candidates to upload their resumes. Job seekers can now create a resume from scratch or upload an existing resume in any common formats including Word, PDF, RTF, TXT, and HTML.

They already have a job post option, where employers can post their jobs, directly to Indeed.

What can follow next with them..
Search resumes on job aggregators?
Social network posting directly from aggregators?

Social networks, have already started competing with job boards, for job broadcasts and are well placed with larger populations in their networks. Employee referrals has also started to run on social networks. With Job aggregators, joining the competition, wondering, what can the job boards do to hold their own. Will they be at best restricted to niche boards? Will only sponsored job postings be charged, and others free? Will they have their own social networks?

Love these transformations!!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Searching candidates on Facebook – Find your friends

Facebook has good one of the largest pool of candidates outside the job boards. Challenge has always been trying to search for candidates, using its search option.

“Find your friends” gives you an extension to your Facebook search. Following is a stepwise approach that will enable you to search beyond your colleagues, classmates and friends

Step 1: Click on Find your friends from your homepage (Look on your right side of the page)

Step 2: Click on “Show more” from the “Find Friends” page

Step 3 Utilize Search options

On your left side of the screen following options are available

* Current City
* High school
* Mutual friends
* College or university
* Employer

Below each head, you respective schools, colleges, companies... etc will be given as options. Below each option set you will see a textbox. You can use this textbox to do a targeted search

Example: If you want to search for people within Hangzhou china

Type Hangzhou, and select the appropriate option from the dropdown. As you type, the dropdown changes. Will help you with typo errors too

After you select the appropriate option a text box will appear. You can add more locations in a similar fashion.

Using multiple search options
You can use multiple search options (company, school, employer, university, city, etc.) to narrow your search results

Example Accenture+ (Hangzhou OR Shanghai)

And you will get all Accenture employees currently on Facebook and staying in Hangzhou or Shanghai China

Happy Sourcing!!

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