Sunday, June 29, 2008

Branding on Twitter

This is an interesting post on branding yourself on social networks :Twitter, social media, and unmashing the mashable

Penelope Trunk talks about how different social networks reflect yourself.

Sometimes I call this a braided career. Sometimes I call this bad branding. It’s a fine line. And some people will say that if you’re truly integrated, you will be your same self everywhere. I disagree. I think that the most socially adept people highlight the parts of themselves that will be most interesting to the people at hand. So I am keeping Twitter separate. I want to play and explore and I don’t care about being consistent with my brand there. I want to show another part of myself on Twitter—a part that I wouldn’t necessarily show on the blog" Penelope Trunk

Interesting viewpoint

Sourcing Sins

Maureen Sharib talk about the ten deadly sourcing sins and why people fail at sourcing
Here is the link to the post: Ten Deadly sourcing skills

Also an enlightening comment be Ibrahim
"I don't have to be haughty or threatening just very polite, patient and sweet and yet utterly scary because I like to apporach the gatekeepers in foreign languages. I am sure that this might not be an option for you in the US but in Germany (and many other European countries) the saviest of gatekeepers will be put off their game (which they usually master in one language only) and give you anything you want just to be rid of you when you ask them nicely in French or English": Ibrahim Kerem Ergun

Internet vs Telephone Sourcing

Internet sourcing has been happening from offshore locations since a long time. Names Sourcing using the telephone has picked up. Can they both come together?

An interesting post on Linkedin by Sarang Bramhe from OS2i

Telephone Research Vs. Internet Research - what would you recommend? What are the pros-cons and in what areas these work best? What is the best way they can co-exist?

Offshore names sourcing

Perceptions take a long time to change... this one just refuses to die...

A interesting thread started by Jeff Weidner on ERE How low can the cost of a name get?

"Cultural issues and language barriers will not be barriers for much longer. These companies will find ways to offset those issues, they will shift their training tactics from a "how and what to do to" to a cultural training and language training."-Jeff Weidner

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

History of Sourcing

Jim stroud has created a neat timeline depicting the history of sourcing. It is a continual work in progress, any and all contributions are welcome

Check it out at