Thursday, September 18, 2008

"From the clients perspective what constitutes a good 360 degree review?"

In response to John Felkins question on Linkedin

"From the clients perspective what constitutes a good 360 degree review?"

Christopher Morrissette has posted some excellent questions for a 360 degree review that you can ask your client to gain insight on how to better serve your them?

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Best Practices for Candidate screening and Prequalification

Sarang Bramhe from OS2i has posted a question on Best Practices for Candidate screening and Prequalification

Of all the answers liked Jim's Pre-screening Acroynm "SEARCH OUT"

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Linkedin Learning Centre

I am sure you must have noticed.... for those who haven't, have a look at Linkedin's "Learning Centre".

It gives a detailed review on all the features that Linkedin offers and how best to utilise them to your advantage.

This will help in looking at your Linkedin network differently at make it more effective.

"Linkedin's Learning Centre".


Name generation/Resume sourcing -- Costs and service

In response to Jay Floersch's question on Linkedin, there are mixed feelings to outsourcing Name generation/Resume sourcing. ?

"Have you worked with a name generation or resume sourcing service? I'd like to know what your costs and experience has been."

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Your ideal Sourcing tool or Sourcing Solution?

Peter Bugnatto , Strategic Sourcing Consultant at Lockheed Martin has asked the following question on Linkedin

"If you had to choose one sourcing tool/solution on the market what would it be?

Let's suppose money wasn't an object. I know, I is. But money aside, if you were told you could pick one tool/solution or even a mashup/combo of a couple of sourcing tools available, to help with your efforts to find talented candidates both passive and active, what would you choose and why?

Clarification added 3 days ago:

Thanks for all the responses thus far. I appreciate it.
To clarify, I'm realy looking for answers dealing with tools/software/products/licenses, such as the Broadlook Eclipse, LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, AIRS Sourcepoint, etc., rather than agencies, search firms, sourcing techniques/advice like using the phone book, etc."

Some intersting Answers already.... have a read on Linkedin

Peter Bugnatto: Linkedin Profile

Search strings to Find vacancies

Jim stroud has published a list of effective Google Search strings for finding Recruiter jobs

Similar patterns can be used for doing vacancy leads for any other job/industry. Obviously some keywords may change. Lets start circulating

Download PDF

Making a bad hiring decision... Your call!!

For all of us involved in the selection process quality of hire is critical... unless I just want to close a deal. From my management school days, one debate which i could never get my head off was what is better: "Rejecting a good candidate" Or "hiring an unsuitable candidate". I always though both were equally bad, but the fact that i have to live with the second decision, it became more critical.

Lou adler has given some excellent pointers to avoid bad decisions.... Read the article "10-great-ways-to-make-bad-hiring-decisions


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rogue Recruiting

SARAH E. NEEDLEMAN has written a wonderful article on the extent these so called "Rogue recruiters" or "Extreme recruiters" will go to fill their open positions. Their tactics can be unconventional, paparazzi-like and some say borderline unethical. Sounds quite similar to telephone names sourcing. Read the article here

Article: "Snack Vendor or Undercover Recruiter"

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Your Next Hire: The Social Media Sourcing Specialist

Donald Breckenridge Jr talks about the information overload on recruiters in this digital age and a need of Social media Sourcing Specialist to counter it in his article " Your Next Hire: The Social Media Sourcing Specialist".

He mentions some basic and intuitive resources and tools to get started and talks about restructuring the current staffing firm model, where sourcing specialists will work hand-in-hand with recruiters to provide well-researched, qualified candidates based on a variety of resources – both online and offline. This allows the recruiter to focus on income-producing activities.

RPO firms like OS2i provide sourcing services which include both Job board and Passive Search.

Internet Passive Sourcers harness Social media and online databases to generate candidates.
Telephone names sourcers are on the Phone all the time getting past gatekeepers to generate candidates which may not be available on the net
Prequalifying/Prescreening experts will contact the canddiate to do the initial Prescreening
Recruiters can then take over the candidate and spent most of their time in closing deals or geerating new business

The beauty of this approach lies in the way the team functions. Its like a relay race. If they work together, give their best and pass on the baton properly, its a sure shot Winner

Your Next Hire: The Social Media Sourcing Specialist
Donald Breckenridge

Four Reruiting tools

Kevin wheeler in his post "Four required Recruiting tool" talks about the Famous Four recruiting tools.
1) MySpace/Facebook
2) Linkedin
3) Twitter and
4) Personal Blog

Mention of blogging as a tool, is the one that has made me think in a new direction

Four required Recruiting tool: Article

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Five Barriers to Phone Sourcing Success

Moises Lopez has posted an artice on the most common mistakes that are made while names sourcing
Being “unprepared”
2) Not preparing a formal script
3) Let your assumptions control your call
4) Simply talk too much and not listen.
5) Not putting yourself in a positive mindset

Simple but effective pointers,You will find the complete post on Recruiters Lounge

Linkedin profile: Moises Lopez
Moises Lopez Blog:
Article: Five Barriers to Phone Sourcing Success