Monday, September 15, 2008

Your ideal Sourcing tool or Sourcing Solution?

Peter Bugnatto , Strategic Sourcing Consultant at Lockheed Martin has asked the following question on Linkedin

"If you had to choose one sourcing tool/solution on the market what would it be?

Let's suppose money wasn't an object. I know, I is. But money aside, if you were told you could pick one tool/solution or even a mashup/combo of a couple of sourcing tools available, to help with your efforts to find talented candidates both passive and active, what would you choose and why?

Clarification added 3 days ago:

Thanks for all the responses thus far. I appreciate it.
To clarify, I'm realy looking for answers dealing with tools/software/products/licenses, such as the Broadlook Eclipse, LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, AIRS Sourcepoint, etc., rather than agencies, search firms, sourcing techniques/advice like using the phone book, etc."

Some intersting Answers already.... have a read on Linkedin

Peter Bugnatto: Linkedin Profile

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