Thursday, September 4, 2008

Your Next Hire: The Social Media Sourcing Specialist

Donald Breckenridge Jr talks about the information overload on recruiters in this digital age and a need of Social media Sourcing Specialist to counter it in his article " Your Next Hire: The Social Media Sourcing Specialist".

He mentions some basic and intuitive resources and tools to get started and talks about restructuring the current staffing firm model, where sourcing specialists will work hand-in-hand with recruiters to provide well-researched, qualified candidates based on a variety of resources – both online and offline. This allows the recruiter to focus on income-producing activities.

RPO firms like OS2i provide sourcing services which include both Job board and Passive Search.

Internet Passive Sourcers harness Social media and online databases to generate candidates.
Telephone names sourcers are on the Phone all the time getting past gatekeepers to generate candidates which may not be available on the net
Prequalifying/Prescreening experts will contact the canddiate to do the initial Prescreening
Recruiters can then take over the candidate and spent most of their time in closing deals or geerating new business

The beauty of this approach lies in the way the team functions. Its like a relay race. If they work together, give their best and pass on the baton properly, its a sure shot Winner

Your Next Hire: The Social Media Sourcing Specialist
Donald Breckenridge

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