Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fallen words - Exact word - boolean


How to play: Fill in the missing letters in each column of the puzzle from the column of choices below. You can only use each letter once.

 U  O A  I  O
 A  A E
 U E O
 U E  O
 A  E

                      U        O            T          Y                     O         R

                      A         S            E          S                      A         N

        M         U        R            K          A                       T          O

        Q          P          E            R          A        S            E          O         E

        Q         U          H            R         D        T              I          S          N

CLUE: Exact word

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Crossword - Basic Boolean

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crossword - Basic Boolean

*****Should be a cakewalk- Time yourself******

3 An operator (the terms you specify must not appear in the documents)
5 What is cat in the following search string- (cat oR dog) AND pet AND pune?
6 A wild card
7 Type of search (resume OR CV) AND (j2ee OR j2j) AND NOT (apply or submit)
10 Synonyms, alternate spellings, and variant word forms of a keyword
12 Gives meaning to the relationship between words or phrases in a search string
13 An operator (At least one of the terms you specify must appear in the documents)
14 Use of paranthesis

1 Generally use to query on phrases
2 An operator (All the terms you specify must appear in the documents)
4 Operators used to refine search
8 Boolean was named after
9 Generally used to group alternatives
11 A combination of words or phrases and operators

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Google puzzles - agoogleaday

If you are one of those, who believe in taking internet search challenges, Google has obliged with

Today's Question

My name is Robert. One day before my brother Rohan’s 19th birthday, our father had an album on the Billboard 200. Name the album.

Every Day Google will post a question on It also gives you the solution or answer to the question.

An interesting way to help people understand the power of google searches!!

Word search Puzzle - Keywords and alternatives- Java 1

Monday, April 11, 2011

Word search Puzzle - Keywords and alternatives- Java 1

There are 8 keywords or alternatives for java, hidden in this puzzle.. Find them

Friday, April 8, 2011

History of Microblogging in China

While trying to Sync my ushi account with microblogs I expected to see twitter somewhere.

It was not twitter, but Sina and Sohu its Chinese counterparts / Clones.Tried logging in but couldnt make much progress. Though not Greek or Latin, the microblogs are in Chinese. No English versions available.
Digging a little deeper came across these fantastic articles that give you an idea about how microblogging has transformed within china.

Sina Weibo Controls the “Holy Shit Idea of a Generation”, Launches New URL ( translates to this article gives a wonderful pictograhic image displaying the history of microblogging in China

Can Outcompete JingWei and LinkedIn? - this post gives an excellent narrative on the social business networks like linkedin in china.

Happy reading

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sourcer / E recruiter Assessment- Hiring Freshers

Recently a question was tossed to me about qualities that you would look for in a fresher, while hiring for a sourcer  or e recruiter position.
While hiring freshers for E recruiters or internet search assignments, we have followed a standard process
1) Internet sourcing round: The applicant is given 5 tasks all centered on finding information on the net in a fixed period of time. He is rated on the search string quality, and approach while finding candidates. Finding the answers is secondary.
2) Job spec round: The applicant is given a job description and time to review and ask questions. He is then given a set of 5 CV’s, to match against the job with an explanation. He is rated on his ablity to understand the requirement, willingness to ask questions and application of logic in matching the CV’s to the job description.
3) Personal round: The applicant, who clears the above two rounds, is then taken through a Personal interview, with the manager/HR to check for the behavioral fitment,

Looking at the people that have been selected and performed well, I have come to believe that following characteristics should be looked at while interviewing a fresher for a sourcers position
1) Comprehension skills: Helps them skim through the vast pool of information quickly. Sourcers with good comprehension, screen faster than others.
2) Attention to detail: Helps them to screen candidates better. It also helps them to use the search results in modifying their search more effectively.
3) Perseverance: These are your passive sourcers. They won’t give up easily
4) Listening skills: High on these skills and you have someone who will learn faster. Generally will have better comprehension too.
5) Problem solving ability: While searching, there will always be a roadblock, round the corner. All the good sourcers, I have seen, have been good at problem solving
6) Analytical ability: Freshers, that are low on the analytical skill, are not comfortable with booleon logic, and take time to get over this hurdle
7) Adaptability: to be honest, have had mixed opinion on this skill. One of my favorites, but have had sourcers, who are excellent at one geography/sourcing channel, but not good at others.
8) Willingness to question and learn: Its all about being open to learning. With the speed with which the landscape of sourcing is changing, this is absolutely critical.

Can you add more…….