Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Redefining the Passive Recruiter/Passive Sourcer

Read a post on Boolean Blackbelt “Passive recruiting doesn’t exist” and it has pierced my long founded assumption of Passive recruiting/sourcing as opposed to Active recruiting/sourcing. Let’s redefine the two terms

Active sourcing / recruiting :
Reflects a conscious effort towards finding a candidate
Passive sourcing / recruiting: Reflects a laid back approach towards finding a candidate.
Differentiators between the two breeds…

Active sourcers/recruiters
Passive sourcers/recruiters
Job post
Well made adverts designed to attract candidates. Responses reviewed and adverts refined accordingly. Will respond to all / most of the candidates. Spread the posting across job boards, universities, social communities and other sources
Post jobs and wait for responses. Candidates not responded to.
Rely on Print and Job board adverts.
Social Media
Active on social media with sizeable and quality networks. Publicise their company, jobs and themselves. Create / Participate in communities, where candidates are active.
Social media is for personal use
Job board search
Use alerts to keep a tab of which new candidates are posted in their domain. Extensively search job boards, for candidates and referrals.
A weeks search, max a month. Skim through the results.
Agency reliance
Carefully choose the requirements to be given to agencies. Mostly fill the requirements on their own.
Agencies are their best friends. Rely on agencies to fill most of the requirements.
Employee referrals
Push jobs to employees and impress upon them to refer.
Policy is published. Wait for employees to refer
Friend networks
Build friend networks within competitor companies, and keep a tab of what’s happening there
Not bothered about what’s happening with the competition
Mass emailing
Will send customized mailers
Make a draft, and send to all.
Telephone/internet sourcing
Utilise both, depending on the situation
Mostly internet focused. Telephone utilized only for interviewing.
Reason for contacting candidate
Events, birthdays, seminars, referrals, jobs… etc
Only for a job
Candidate network
Build a network of candidates, within their domains and geographies proactively.
Search for candidates when required. Don’t spend energy in building a network.
A Passive sourcer/recruiter will be an inbox recruiter as aptly described by Sarang Bramhe “A Recruiter 1.0 is one who gets a job requirement; post it to various job boards, newspapers etc and waits for his inbox to deliver goods. It’s a classical case of recruiter who “Post and Pray” to get good resumes and fill in the requirement”
An active sourcer/recruiter will work towards expanding his network by increasing his reach across multiple channels (colleges, SPOCS, associations, social networks, Phone sourcing... etc. And strengthen this network by being in touch on a regular basis. This sourcer may
even help the candidate with jobs with other companies, if required.
More than how they utilize the sources, it is the basic approach towards finding candidates and filling positions, that marks them out as passive or active sourcers. At the centre of this approach lies the willingness to keep candidates engaged and build an active network of candidates within the scope of requirements available.

Who are you???? Active or a Passive sourcer/Recruiter!!

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