Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beliefs of a Passive Candidate Sourcer!!

Wonder what will pop up if you open a Passive Candidate sourcers head. Probably synapses of Boolean, schemas of social networks, web of search engines and a lot more.

I have come to believe that it is not just the technique and knowledge but the mindset that one carries as a sourcer, which transforms them into what they become.

Sharing a few beliefs that reflect this mindset
• I will eventually find it, the key is in knowing when.
• My angel is in the details
• All roads will lead you there, but there is an expressway
• I am born lucky, and I know it.
• It is always worth the time spent, but there are timelines
• Sometimes I may just have to put my head down and scan through everything
• I will plan my search, but will not always be able to work my plan
• My searches define me
• I practice the secret art of sourcing
• I am hungry for more
• KISS works all the time, but complicated is not always bad
• There is nothing called a perfect search string
• I can’t do, till I know what to do.
• It is easier to find a needle in a haystack, if I know where to look
• I keep my eyes open
• Keywords are the key to finding the information, but knowing how to use them will determine, how quickly I find it.
………………………………… the list can go on………..

I am sure you have more to add

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