Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to approach a Passive candidate?

You will be judged by your behavior not intention!!!!

Understand the mindset of general passive candidates
Most candidates do not want to be seen as actively looking. It’s important you acknowledge this
Remember that no one is 'truly' passive atleast not for long or forever,
Remember that being approached for a position is flattering, discuss with a view to obtaining advice

Don’t Do’s ---- Things that can put your candidate off

Playing Games
No respect for their time

To Do’s

Research the candidate and don’t blindly rush into the call.
Review their online profiles and check for recommendations, career growth
Collect info on what reasons could compel them to move. Check for chinks in the armour

Have a reason to call Don’t waste the candidate’s and your time with an irrelevant call
Only make calls if you feel the candidate will be happy to receive it
Good idea to email the candidate and follow it up with a phone call

Respect the candidate’s time
Time your call
Don’t be afraid to reschedule
Make sure you keep you appointments

Be open and transparent
Give them a brief outline about the job and check their interest before revealing everything
Know what information to be shared and when

Talk, don’t interrogate
Don’t push
Generate a conversation
Start with something you know about him and which is relevant to the job” I can see you have tremendous banking experience” or you have some wonderful recommendations” or I hear "your work on ... was outstanding
Put the candidate at ease: If the candidate is referred, it is always good to let them know (Being referred is flattering”) “Say something like "you were recommended to me as an expert in...." when they say "who by?” always say that as you rely on anonymous referrals to do your job, you can't be specific - but obviously confirm that it wasn't anyone in their current firm
"Would you be open to exploring a situation that's clearly superior to what you're doing today?"
I don't know if the timing is right for you or not, but I am working on a search that may be of interest, depending on what is important to you in your next position
Sound enthusiastic
Understand the trigger points that could initiate the desire to change but also create an interest level in the new role by highlighting the merits of the role

Respect the Candidates privacy
Don’t send job networking bytes to candidate who are not open to such messages (check the Linkedin interested in option)

Use the right channel
Try networking to get to the person through a friend of his

Stay in control
Believe you have a substantially good bargain for the candidate
Don’t give too much ground, but don’t sound unreasonable.
Show empathy, but not weakness
Control your speech

Track candidates
Keep a list of candidates and maintain their status
Make sure all candidates reach their logical conclusion (Won/Lost)

Sell the Job
Build a relationship,
Uncover the need,
Overcome the objections,
Fill the need
Close the deal.

Act as a consultant
Make the candidate aware of opportunities
Make sure the candidate values your advice

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