Monday, February 21, 2011

No one goes to Linkedin.. Believe it???

Just read a post by Tony Garcia, "LinkedIn Admits That No One Goes to LinkedIn"...

Though the title is misleading, it does make you think... The abstract from the SEC site states ….

"The number of our registered members is higher than the number of actual members, and a substantial majority of our page views are generated by a minority of our members."

As any other social community, I am not surprised to read that. What will be interesting is to know the percentage of the majority.
It is natural that most of the activity on any social network will be by the ones with a reason to utlise the network. Could be recruiters, sales or marketing guys, experts... majority of the people do not contribute.

This raises a question on your inmail responses. I generally look at 15 to 20% as a decent hit ratio.

Wondering if LinkedIn can put an activity meter against each member? Moreover, if that activity meter could classify the activity across categories... you will have less inmails... more returns.

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  1. Masood -

    I disagree this partly. Though not many people goes to LinkedIn actively to check their accounts - LinkedIn has made sure that their users are with them.

    When you In-Mail any user, it directly goes to his/her LinkedIn account as well as he/she gets notified through email. (Check 1)

    Even if you ignore first email - LI sends reminders every few days about their pending items (Check 2)

    InMail responses tends to be lower not because people don't check - but recruiters spam them with opportunities. It's only interesting ones gets a good read and response.

    In my experience this response have been around 40%.

  2. Sarang,

    Linkedin has confessed, that majority of their users, dont come back to Linkedin regularly. That partially explains the Passive nature of this source.

    No matter what steps Linkedin takes, it is a profesional social network, and will have to live with the constraints of being one.

    It cant have the same kind of repeat users with high regularity, which a facebook can manage.


  3. True. Linkedin has never been able to source me active / passive candidates in spite of connecting many people.

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