Monday, February 28, 2011

Linkedin Blocked in China??

This landed in my inbox this morning, though I would share

"Cannot access Linkedin? Did you read the news? LinkedIn blocked in China | VentureBeat

Anyway, Ushi is better so please join my network in Linkedin instead. The Ushi Linkedin import tool is here, and it is so easy to use. Just a friendly reminder so that you can keep on successful networking."

Interesting Article, would also give you an idea about Chinese Linkedin Clones. Also a perspective of how social media is shaping up in China.

I have tried Renren, but due to the language, found it impossible to use effectively. Ushi, has been a very comfortable to use network, and has a good mix of English and Chinese.

Happy networking!


No one goes to Linkedin.. Believe it???

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  1. Linkedin access has been restored.It was blocked as a response to posts about the "Jasmine revolution" spreading from the Arab World to China.