Friday, April 8, 2011

History of Microblogging in China

While trying to Sync my ushi account with microblogs I expected to see twitter somewhere.

It was not twitter, but Sina and Sohu its Chinese counterparts / Clones.Tried logging in but couldnt make much progress. Though not Greek or Latin, the microblogs are in Chinese. No English versions available.
Digging a little deeper came across these fantastic articles that give you an idea about how microblogging has transformed within china.

Sina Weibo Controls the “Holy Shit Idea of a Generation”, Launches New URL ( translates to this article gives a wonderful pictograhic image displaying the history of microblogging in China

Can Outcompete JingWei and LinkedIn? - this post gives an excellent narrative on the social business networks like linkedin in china.

Happy reading

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