Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Social Media Optimisation in recruitment- Employee referrals

Internal Referrals

Internal Reference are considered to one of the most effective way to get a stable man power with a very good branding alongside. Most of the companies encourage IR by providing a good incentive schemes and a various promotions. However, it has been observed that, most of the employees tend to forget or loose the focus on any job posted as they are busy with their current day to day works.
1) A Job Roll will be created for the jobs in pipeline and all the employees will have a unique login for the same.
2) Employees can publish their respective job rolls on their social networks, sites, blogs etc.
3) Whenever any one applies through those job rolls, the respective employee would be entitle to IR schemes with a proper tracking system.
4) Any time employee can see their respective IR incentives and also the pipeline referrals generated though their job rolls.

External Referral tool
External Reference are also considered in some of the organization from their ex employees and even with some external sources. This is also done with a good reference scheme or some promotional events. The approach will same as for internal referrals. The only difference will be to add a payment solution (electronic/cheque) similar to google adwords, etc.

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