Monday, November 8, 2010

Candidate Database System: A perspective?

A candidate database system is a system that will help you manage candidates and requirements. Primarily it serves the following purpose
1) Storing candidates
2) Searching candidates
3) Tracking candidates against job
4) Tracking candidate communication and employability status
The last point is rarely the focus of attention and primarily the system is used for search, store and track.

The system primarily has two interrelated sets of activity
1) Requirement management: Involves searching, assigning, tracking, and managing the best applicants for each open requisition
2) Candidate Management: Involves methodologies, systems, and practices designed to acquire, engage track and maintain candidates in the system

These activities would include the following actions
1) Add – Candidate records, requirement and activities
2) Update – Candidates records, requirement and activities
3) Delete– Candidates records, requirement and activities
4) Assign – Candidates to Requirements
5) Track- Candidates against requirements, Candidates against activity and status


Objective of the system

Increase Database utilization
Reduce turnaround time in searching relevant candidates
Quick access to data on the most relevant candidate.
Structured database around skills, location, industry etc

Increase Database quality
Automatic sorting and filing of candidate information.
Churn out old and irrelevant candidates
Candidate information stored in a structured manner, easy to retrieve
Keep candidate information updated on a regular and periodic basis

Increase database volume
Identify sourcing channels that could feed candidates into the system
Integrate the sourcing channels into the system

Company branding
Quick response management
Quality emails – (informative and effective)

Improve Hiring decision
Capture information about the candidate at each stage.
Provide a complete view of the candidate by assimilating the captured information
Reduce candidate cost through candidate pool leveraging

Primary Players involved

Somebody who may or may not be looking for a new Job and may or may not be suitable for current or future job requirement within a company
Searches for candidates from within and outside the database and is the first point of contact to the candidate. Promotes the company and job to the candidate, profiles the candidate, evaluates initial job fit and captures candidate aspirations. After ascertaining a match of interst and profile, he passes the candidate to the Recruiter
Manages the selection process and coordinates with the candidate and respective parties involved in the process. Closes the deal with the candidate based on the information generated in the entire sourcing and selection process keeping in mind the candidates aspiration
Could be the practice head or the BD team or any other requirement owner.
External agency supplying candidates on requests provided by the sourcing team
Internal referrer Employee, who refers candidates to the company. The referral doesn’t need to be for a specific position .
All the players and their activities contribute to the level of accuracy and relevance of the database. The system has negative inertia and will have the tendency and will deterriorate over time.

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