Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Indian Recruiters Day - 9 march

Yesterday was Womans day...
                       Today is Indian Reruiters Day!!!

 Thanks to ERA (Executive Recruiters Association), March 9 has been designated as special for recruiters. A day when you can reflect, the service or otherwise:) done by the recruitment community as a whole.

You can call it mutual admiration, but felt good:)

Small excerpt from Manya Advani's Facebook page..

Stay away from these horror movies

Tadapta Client * Recruiter ki Maut * Katil Manager * Shaitani Recruitement * Backout ka khauf * Sadma Target ka * Pyasa Employer*Chudel ka interview"*Daravni Drives"* "wicked weekends*

Feel good... and have a Happy Recruiters Day.!!!!

Manya Advani 
Happy Womans Day

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