Monday, August 18, 2008

Passive Candidates: How To Engage Them on the Phone

A sensible and short video by Scott on how to engage Passive candidates.. "Passive Candidates: How To Engage Them on the Phone"

What I found most appealing is the wiilingness and belief that the candidate cant be played with. You cant control the candidate, but yes you can lead him.

You may want to go through this flowchart before you go through the video

Scotts site recruiting mastery has some neat tools

FREE Manager's Tool: Weekly Target Sheet.
FREE Activity Tracking Sheet.

FREE Search Assessment Instrument.
FREE Annual Billing Goal Tool.
FREE Telephone Discipline Tool.

FREE POEM! Got kids? This poem will tell them what being a recruiter is all about. It's called "Recruiter Rabbit Closes a Deal". Click

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