Monday, August 18, 2008

Keep your telephone factory Humming

As a student of HR I was taught how Human beings are different from other inputs for production.

Human beings as a resource are unique in their ability to transform inputs in different ways. Don’t expect the same output all the time not even from the same individuals.

They will react to the same processing differently, so forget a structured a process. The process doesn’t make them look good; they make the process look good

They are raw materials right, but have the ability to transform themselves

They interpret the same inputs/information differently… One approach/one solution is not possible

In his article “Run Recruiting Like a Factory Manager if You Want to Hire More Top Prospects” Lou Adler compares sourcing to a buying process. He has highlighted the top “Sourcing” and “Non sourcing” problems that are encountered in the recruitment process.

“Too many companies try to solve their hiring problems with a new sourcing-idea-of-the-month program. This is like applying a Band-Aid when major surgery is required.

Instead, think big and fix your scrap rate problems first and then start posting compelling ads in exactly the same places. Before you know it, your talent factory will be humming along.” – Lou Adler


Run Recruiting Like a Factory Manager if You Want to Hire More Top Prospects

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