Monday, July 21, 2008

Doomsday.... job boards no longer exist as a sourcing channel.

There is lot of good talk and clutter on whether the job boards will survive.

Recruiters will realise the value of the job boards once they stop using it for the simple reason that they are the easiest and most convenient source for candidates. Pull the plug on the job boards and most people (Candidates and recruiters) would freak out.

I would say if you can get away with Job boards, you can get away with agencies too. The time, resource and energy needed to maintain a competitive candidate database pool is simply not possible for a corporate recruiter/HR.Job boards are here to stay, but there has to be a change in the model.

Moving away from the product to a solutions approach will make them productive... They have the technology and resources but reliance on agencies will most probably hold them back.As a corporate recruiter you could submit your vacancy to a job board. People/technology send matching resumes and screened advert responses to your database (provided by the Job board/integrated with the Job board). An automated response management system keeps your candidates in the loop....Join hands further to track your internal referral management.
Payment/Fee structure will change but all for the good..

Here are a few good links on this subject


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