Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Work Life Balance is for Wimps

Just recently finished reading a book “I bought the Monk's Ferrari” by Ravi Subramanian. It’s an interesting read but one thought that was intriguing “Work Life balance is for wimps”.

My first reaction was of disgust, but having spent most of my career in Operations, I have had to face situations where one had to focus more on work than on family and vice versa.

I decided to post the question on Linkedin and had some interesting answers
"Work Life Balance is for Wimps" is the view taken by Ravi Subramanian in his book "I bought the Monk's Ferrari". What’s your take?

Right from DAVE MASKIN’s comment “Without work life balance, we become a bunch of worker ants without a life..” to Phil Lauro‘s view “Work is Life”. There are different views on culture, Stage of Life, Personal inclination.

I personally wake to the smile of my 2 year old, but when at work it is all about professional achievement and personal excellence. There are times I have worked 24*7, but there are also times when I will skip office to be with my family.


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