Monday, December 28, 2009

Imagine, going to eBay to buy an RPO service!!

Process outsourcing has always had a transformational approach where parts of the process are outsourced, without disturbing the process itself. Traditionally offshore RPO solutions have been provided on an effort basis model i.e. per seat/per day.
To make solutions more competitive and beneficial to clients, IRPO is moving towards a Transactional, Product based approach, where they will invoice clients on Deliverables like (per name/per CV/prequalified contact... etc.)

How would companies benefit from such an approach?

The deliverables would be set up right from the beginning itself.
Client would pay for only that which you receive.
Workforce flexibility/scalability is guaranteed. Where previously you were utilizing one resource per day, now you can utilize any number of resources.
Spikes can be countered effectively.
Quicker turnaround time can be guaranteed.
Better bench utilization at vendors end.

Taking their SAAP (Service AS A Product) model to a new extreme IRPO is building an E commerce site where customers could buy CV’s, Interviews, vacancies etc using the portal.

Let’s see how it comes out...


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