Friday, July 18, 2014

KF4D - 4 Dimensions of Leadership and Talent

GAP in talent is always a concern. Gap in Leadership talent is GRAVE CONCERN. Some of the most well respected research on global organizations found talent shortages to be a top concern that will impact businesses. As businesses go global the gap at leadership level is expected to widen further.
  • 54% (Manpower, 2013 Talent Shortage Survey)
  • 56% (Deloitte, 2010 Talent Edge 2020: Redrafting talent strategies)
  • 85% (Harvard Business Publishing, 2013, Danger in the Middle: Why mid-level managers aren’t read to lead)
Adressing the widening gap challenge and changes in Success traits,  Korn Ferry has launched its Four Dimensions of Talent and Leadership as a comprehensive framework for thinking about talent across the entire talent management process: from diagnosing the unique needs of your business based on your business strategy; to determining the strength and gaps in the talent you currently have; to identifying the best solutions to fill the gaps; and finally to helping execute the talent strategy whether it is buy, build and/or develop talent. 

 KF4D can help answer some of your biggest questions about Talent and Leadership
  • What talent do I need?
  • Who will succeed?
  • Who has leadership potential?
  • Who is ready for a promotion?
  • Who is the right fit for the company culture?
  • How do we close the gap?
Underpinning this framework is a talent analytics engine based on data form over 2.5 Million assessments of individuals at all levels, geographies and function. In particular, Kornferrys database is weighed toward senior leadership in the C-suite, VPs and Board of Directors. 

The four dimensions (Competencies, Experiences, Traits and Drivers. ) measures attributes of individuals that are more readily visible as well as those that are harder to see and critical to and someone’s career decisions and behavior. 

To Learn more about the research and this framework read the white paper published by the Korn Ferry Institute, Precision talentintelligence 

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