Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tips for Candidate Relationship management

In my last post on “Do we need to manage candidate relationship?”, I talked about the common reasons why sourcers/recruiters run away from managing candidates. Lets now look at some pointers  for managing candidate relationships.

1.       Present yourself and your company professionally while maintaining a concerned, helpful and positive attitude
2.       Talk to the candidate- Email is not the best tool to Convey feelings or building rapport. Call candidates for status updates. Break the news personally. Follow it up with an email.
3.       Don’t promise the moon - What can’t be given or delivered, Don’t promise. Even if a candidate may not be ft for a current position, he will be either in a capacity to provide you a referral, or will be suitable for some other position. The extent to which they remain approachable, depends how much they trust you.
4.       Add value. - Maintain a concerned, helpful, positive attitude. Assist the candidate in his quest for finding the next job. Simple tips on writing resumes, go a long way in establishing yourself as a consultant. Don’t be afraid to pass on tips of openings in other organizations, if he is not a fit for your open positions. This will harbor loyalty. Always emphasize the “what’s in it for me” of your candidate is important for you.
5.       Keep the Candidate informed. – Don’t keep the candidate guessing. Keep him engaged and informed. Ensure status updates reach them on time and accurately.
6.       Make notes through the screening and recruitment process, and use old communication in further discussions. Make them know you valued the time discussing with them and that you remember them.
7.       Keep in touch -Don’t forget a candidate. Wherever they are, they have referrals to offer. Ensure you track them on social networks, or use birthday/anniversary reminder tools to send them Ecards or updates on any new position that may fall under their area of interest.
8.       Add them to your social networks: An acceptance of an invite gives you the foot in the door required for building a long term relationship. Tag or categorize them wherever you can. This will help you to engage with them more effectively
9.       Seek help -Seek their assistance, but don’t spam. They don’t mind helping you, as long as they believe that you genuinely require their assistance. Make them feel special
10.   Remain accessible - Ensure that the candidate has your contact details and remain accessible 24/7. Ensure that your respond to communication promptly. IT sends a signal to your candidate that you treat them on priority and genuinely care for them
11.   Gather their Pain points- Try and uncover what is bothering them in their current situation. Understand their need to change and address your job as a solution to their challenges. Do your research, and pick up some points, you would like to use to understand the pain points. Don’t assume what they want, find out.
12.   Get an applicant tracking system -Low cost to High end. Applicant tracking systems are available to suit your needs. Pick one. If used effectively, it will turn your dead database into a goldmine of interested candidates.

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    The above points are about relationship management, now every young ones are interested to do their career on this topic. It also give a good future with lots of money and prestige.This post is great. Thank you for this post. I like this kind of people who share their knowledge with others.

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  3. Candidate relationship management is a model for managing a company's impressions and interactions with potential and future hires. It involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize the attraction, communication