Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is the Market Shifting to Candidates?

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With the economic downturn there are more candidates than Job. It seems this will continue to be the trend for 2009 and beyond.

For staffing firms, agencies, job portals, there will be lesser clients and jobs to work on. and more candidates willing to be placed. Does this mean that their focus shifts more towards a revenue model based on fulfilling candidate needs.

With Monster's "Monster Evolutions" and Irish Job's Horizon targeted towards outplacement service there is a signal towards other shifts. Other Portals may follow suit.

RPO's, Job Portals and even Agencies may shift towards gathering a significant portion of their revenue from candidates. Services like resume/CV writing, social media profile writing skills, life coaching and interviewing courses etc could be more attractive.

Personalized placement service could be an interesting model. The candidate will pay a basic fee for their personality branding and pay a placement/interview surcharge.

What do you think?

Monster Evolutions
Monster Outplacement Services
Irish Jobs Outplacement Service

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